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This is ClevelandWomenfor Women of all Ages in Cleveland, Northeast Kansas & Beyond

This is ClevelandWomenfor Women of all Ages in Cleveland, Northeast Kansas & Beyond

Passage through of a Cleveland Opera Icon – Soprano Andrea Anelli

We are thus sorry to learn for the passing of moving Cleveland Opera symbol Andrea Anelli. She passed peacefully from a long-lasting malignant tumors in her own Chardon homes the early morning of 1/1/22.

Gregory Polyak, VP of Northern Kansas Opera category (NOOL) stated “Soprano Andrea Anelli was the founder and co-director of three various opera enterprises: Opera each Tutti (2006), rebranded as Cleveland Opera Theater (2014), and ContempOpera/Cleveland (2016). Each opera providers had another aim and audience to fulfill. And satisfy Andrea did with every team.

She not merely produced, auditioned, chosen music, outfits, units, guided, developed, discover locations to perform in, and raised funds she performed generally in most for the productions. I am exhausted thinking of all she performed. Succeeding in each endeavor produces the lady a Cleveland legend.

More now say the girl Cleveland Opera theatre are this highest levels and most varied in NE Ohio. She took them from a “founder-driven” to a “board-driven” organization for development. “we never ever imagined it could being just what it did,” Anelli said. “It thus far surpassed my expectations. It has been rather a journey.”

We first spotted Andrea do at Opera in Italian societal yard. She and her Opera each Tutti (Opera for every) performed there for several years.

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You will see Andrea sing-in a lot of Italian outdoors Opera activities along with other locations within YouTube video. Just seek out andrea anelli dan hanson youtube

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